Activity Highlights

Karel Martens: Keynote Speech at Polis Conference

Martens_at_Polis On 1 December 2021, Karel Martens gave the closing keynote lecture at the Annual Polis Conference, held in Gothenburg, Sweden.

In the lecture, Martens called on the audience to adopt a transport justice perspective on social inclusion.

Karel Martens at the Environmental Justice in Transportation Conference

צדק_סביבתי_בתחבורה On 28 November 2021, Karel Martens gave a lecture at the Environmental Justice in Transportation Conference, organized by Transport Today & Tomorrow in conjunction with the Kinneret Academic College.

Martens discussed how transport justice can contribute to equality of opportunity and what that may mean for transport investment in the North of Israel.

Social Identity and Cycling among Women: The Case of Tel Aviv-Jaffa

In his presentation held on 26.1.2021, Avi Parsha, an Urban and Regional Planning master student and a Lab member, discussed his findings regarding social identity effects on perception of cycling as a mode of transport among women from different income levels.

Avi found that as cycling for transport is highly-associated with privileged social groups and not as a practice that ‘everybody does’, underprivileged social groups are less likely to take up cycling. These findings suggest that social identity may play a significant role in shaping cycling uptake among various social groups and that cycling promotion should go beyond cycling infrastructure and include strategies to normalize cycling as a ‘socially-neutral’ practice.

Karel Martens' Book Transport Justice: Designing Fair Transportation Systems Among Best Transportation Books of All Times 

Martens_Book Karel Martens’ book Transport Justice was selected in 2021 as one of the 100 best transportation books of all times by Book Authority. In the book, Martens draws on philosophies of social justice to develop an entirely new perspective on the purpose of and approach to transport planning.

Karel Martens' at the POLIS Webinar

POLIS_Talk On 25 June 2020, Karel Martens gave an invited lecture at the online Polis seminar titled ‘Post-Lockdown Mobility: Serving the Underserved’. In his speech, Karel presented four possible ways to better serve the underserved, both during the corona crisis and once lockdown restrictions are gradually lifted. Read more about the conference and Karel's talk here.